New Solar Cell Phone Chargers
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Charges your cell phone on the go

When Your Cell Phone Battery Dies,
What Will You Do?


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Stay Powered

Charge your cell phone battery

with a Solar Cell Phone Chargers

Simply plug your phone in this USB solar cell phone charger
and watch solar power charge your cell phone, even at night! 

A New Solar Cell Phone Charger Technology and a major electronic breakthrough 
enables hand held solar power to charge your cell phone!


Your on the go, and you have a real need.

Your cell phone is one of the most sophisticated devices made by man.

You watch videos, check your emails, play video games, jam to your music, snap photos, capture videos, and talk and ... OMG you say...MY BATTERY IS DYING!

Its only the battery that's lousy.

Its no secret the battery life of your mobile phone is the phones biggest flaw.

Now There is a solution...


Now, Solar energy keeps you free and mobile. let me explain...

The product is more than a portable solar
panel. This product is different.

Next time, you are recharging your phone, no matter where you are. Reach for your solar key chain. Plug your phone into it's USB port. Provide your phone a stream of power like you've never imagined.


As you know, the light from the sun or a lamp provides FREE energy. You'll just leave your solar charger on your dashboard, or window sill, at the beach or ballpark. This hand held beauty collects the energy from light, and stores the energy for you to use later. 

When you most need Your phone. Its charged. You'll  use the stored energy to charge your cell phone. At night, traveling by train, plane, bus, camping, at a party, when your a passenger in a car, at a sports game. 

You simply plug your USB phone cord into your solar charger, and your saved. Watch your phone begin charging.

This device can save you when you need it most. Don't get caught letting your phone die. It's a perfect back up when there's no electricity around.


Solar Energy is a valuable technology that's increasingly competitive with traditional sources of energy. solar power has a lasting and overwhelmingly positive impact on our society.


Engineers have produced a Solar Panel so small it easily fits in your pocket. This panel is connected to a USB Port.  When you plug your phone into this USB port - you will watch your phone light up and start charging, Amazing!!! It is providing energy to your phone.


Picture this. You plug the unit into your cell phone, you see your phone charge at the same rate as when its plugged into the wall. You sit back and relax as the incredible unit charges your cell phone battery. Typically a fully charged Solar Charger will recharge an iPhone up to 40%.
You will let your Solar Charger sit in the sun  absorbing the suns energy.

You'll fully charge your Solar Charger even faster. Typically wall electricity charges your Solar Charger in 30 minutes, while the sun will fully recharge the Solar Charger fully in approximately 12 hours.

The Solar Charger can also be charged by plugging one end of the cord it comes with into a USB Port or wall outlet USB charger. Then, plug the other end into your Solar Charger. 


This Solar Charger is so easy to use, once its fully charged, clip it on your key chain and go. So versatile It can be charged while it is on you key chain.


Feel safety when getting keys ready for your car or house or walking at night you'll never be in the dark. Solar energy charges the flashlight too. The Flashlight has 3 super bright white LED lights. This flashlight always by your side really comes in handy at night.


This safety devise is a perfect gift for your loved ones!
You'll provide safety at night with the LED flashlight.

Stay connected on the go. Always have backup electricity for important calls or accessing information from your phone. Its environmentally friendly FREE power that keeps your phone alive!


After you are absolutely convinced the Solar Cell Phone Charger is indeed the advanced product breakthrough. Order additional units. Buy one as a gift for a friend or family member who needs their cell phone working.

If however, Solar Charger does not suit your particular requirements perfectly, Simple. 

We give you 7 Days to try the system personally.  If your not pleasantly and enthusiastically surprised, return the unit and, we will refund all your money

That is how confident we are you will love you Solar Cell Phone Charger.

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